HSD Glass Straight Line Double Edging Machine
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Machine adopts double servo transmission system, utilize servo motor prompt responds & highly synchronicity, to ensure Synchronicity of fixing side and moving side. Width adjustment use with servo motor control, make sure size opening reach 10 meter per min, and make sure re-positioning precision. Grinding motor is speeded up by inverter, make motor RPM to 4500r/min, which can realize energy saving, also increase grinding speed and improve polishing result.

HSD Glass Linear Bilateral Edge Grinding Machine
Thickness of glass 3-25mm
Processing size HSD-2010/2210/2410 250mm-1000mm

HSD-2015/2215/2415 250mm-1500mm

HSD-2020/2220/2420 250mm-2000mm

HSD-2025/2225/2425 300mm-2500mm

HSD-2030/2230/2430 300mm-3000mm

HSD-2035/2235/2435 300mm-3500mm

HSD-2042/2242/2442 300mm-4200mm

HSD-2050/2250/2450 400mm-5000mm

HSD-2060/2260/2460 400mm-6000mm
Transmission speed 0.5m-8m/min (standard)
0.5m-15m/min(high speed)
0.5m-20m/min(high speed)
Size change speed 1-10m/min
Glass Parallel Tolerance ≤0.2mm/m
Glass Diagonal Tolerance ≤0.5mm/m
Chamfer Tolerance ≤0.2mm/m
Chamfer width 1-3mm
Max Grinding on flat edge 5mm
Air required 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa
Total Power HSD 20:53KW   HSD 22:57.4KW   HSD 24:61.8KW
Work Height 900±20mm

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