SYM Glass Straight Line Double Round Edging Machine
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SYM series glass straight line double circular edge grinder is suitable for processing furniture glass, electronic glass and other types of double straight arc edge, duck mouth edge and other forming grinding. It has the characteristics of fast processing speed, high precision of glass processing and good polishing brightness. The machine adopts the high precision transmission structure of double linear guide rail and double ball screw. LC automatic control, human-machine interface with touch screen, easy operation
SYM Glass Straight Line Double Side Edge Machine
Model SYM-08 SYM-12
Processing glass thickness 3mm-19mm 3mm-19mm
Transport speed of glass 0.5-12m/min 0.5-12m/min
Parallel error ≤0.2mm ≤0.2mm
Diagonal error ≤0.5mm ≤0.5mm
Maximum grinding capacity 2mm(Single side) 2mm(Single side)
Safety Angle Width 0-4mm 0-4mm
Total power 22.84KW 31.64KW
Working air pressure 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa
Working height 900±20mm 900±20mm

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