Talent is a sunny flower. Where there is sunshine, it will go.

As long as you have dreams and talents, come on, here is the stage for you to play! We look forward to your gathering under the banner of imperial idealism and humanism.

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One Electrical Engineer (5000-8000 yuan)
Requirements: College or above, major in electronic

Requirements: College or above, major in electronic automation; honesty, careful work, strong sense of responsibility; teamwork spirit, cheerful personality; strong communication, coordination ability and pressure bearing capacity; proficiency in circuit diagram, gas diagram and circuit layout design; proficiency in Siemens, Delta, Schneider PLC programming; All kinds of CNC products, sensors (photoelectric switches, encoders, etc.) and transmission motors (frequency conversion motors, stepping motors, servo motors, etc.); more than three years of experience in mechanical industry electronic automation design and development, glass machinery industry experience is preferred.

Two domestic salesmen (base salary 3000-4000 yuan + commission)
Requirements: Technical secondary school or above, w

Requirements: Technical secondary school or above, with unlimited specialties, mechanical or marketing-related majors are preferred, good at communication, excellent customer communication, negotiation skills and execution, good at learning, confidence and determination to succeed, team awareness, strong ability to resist pressure; adaptable to travel, rich social experience and customer capital Source, more than two years sales experience in glass machinery industry is preferred.

Two salesmen for export (base salary 3000-4000 yuan + commission)
Requirements:College degree or above, major in Business E

Requirements:College degree or above, major in Business English, International Trade, Machinery, CET-4 or above; honest, careful and responsible person; team spirit, cheerful personality, strong communication, coordination and pressure-bearing ability; more than two years of export experience, machinery industry practitioners and dealers. Calendar first.

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