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Development Pulse of Glass Machinery and Equipment Industry
Time:2016-04-18; Read:2434
      Glass equipment industry is highly dependent on the international market. Many countries have mandatory regulations on the use of building glass in building safety regulations. High-rise buildings and energy-saving requirements will promote the demand for Low-E safe hollow glass to continue to rise. Low-e glass production and processing equipment has become the focus of competition among major glass equipment manufacturers. Whoever wins in this competition will win the future. For example, the proportion of total export sales of major European producers is generally more than 70%. Glass professional exhibitions have become one of the effective marketing channels. Glass equipment industry is actively participating in major exhibitions.
Grasp the Key Points and Direction of Glass Deep Processing
Glass products, as a basic material, are playing more and more roles in the two major application fields of architecture and automobile. They are further developing towards diversification of functions, lightweight and complex shape. All these bring more opportunities and challenges for glass production and processing equipment.
Low-e will become the mainstream of building glass development. LOW-E glass is the fastest growing deep-processing product in recent 10 years. Oil and other energy crises will surely push countries around the world to pay more attention to energy conservation, and the corresponding laws and regulations will be gradually established and improved.
Following the development trend of automobile, automobile glass is developing in the direction of personalization, environment friendliness, comfort, safety and easy communication. At present, the development trend of glass processing equipment in the world is flexible production process, multi-functional production equipment, high repeatability of process flow, making the process more accurate. The equipment control realizes the automation, guarantees the glass processing without defects under high temperature, high speed and high precision, and meets the required size tolerance.
The thickness of glass in automobiles and buildings is decreasing. Thin glass sets higher requirements for glass deep processing equipment and processing technology. Many glass deep processing enterprises are improving the production efficiency of the production line and integrating all links of the deep processing production process. At the same time, the modularization of equipment assembly, the continuous improvement of global information service system between equipment and manufacturing enterprises, and the rapid guarantee of equipment through real-time communication technology have become the development trend of glass deep processing equipment in the future.
Establishing the image of China's glass machinery industry to the outside world:
It needs more efforts to shape the brand of glass machinery in China. This needs to be led by industry associations, supported by export enterprises, through regular channels of commercial publicity and public relations, to establish the brand image of "China Glass Machinery". Industry associations in Italy and Germany have set examples, and their experience deserves to be emulated.
The good development prospect of glass deep processing industry will still be the driving force for the rapid development of China's glass machinery manufacturing industry. It is estimated that the annual growth rate of demand for automobile and building laminated safety glass in China will be about 30% from 2011 to 2013. That is to say, the development potential of China's glass machinery industry is very great and there will be enough stamina. The market demand of glass processing machinery in China is steadily rising.
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