ZXI-SZM Automatic Supper Speed Double Edger Line
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Purpose and characteristics of SzM products:

The equipment is specialized for rough grinding (bottom edge, chamfering) of rectangular glass, which is suitable for processing of buildings, hollow glass of doors and windows, and complex and single white glass and Low-E glass.

Main features:

1. The whole line adopts the bus type control system (Ethernet), with fast communication speed, stable data transmission, high reliability and expansibility;

2. The operation is more convenient. The production line is equipped with a key start function. The film removal wheel can also be shut down at any time on the main console with a key. After the film removal is closed, the film removal motor stops. At the same time, the film removal wheel will automatically rise to ensure no contact with the glass;

3. The upper belt is used to clamp the glass, and the upper belt is a special sponge belt. Water will not flow out of the glass surface during edge grinding, effectively avoiding scratches and surface indentation on the Low-E surface of the glass;

4. The film removal wheel is driven by a servo motor, which is automatically adjusted according to the thickness of the glass. After the wear wheel is lost, the grinding compensation can be directly set on the console without manual adjustment.

5. The whole line is equipped with a pause button. If the whole line is in normal operation, pressing the pause button will not affect the operation of the whole line or disrupt the order of the glass, and the glass data will not be lost;

6. The width adjustment of glass adopts servo motor to drive the rack and pinion. Compared with the traditional two-sided machine, the speed of width adjustment is faster (22m / min), and the positioning is more accurate.

7. The opening and closing guide rail is equipped with a clamp. When the opening and closing high-speed operation is in place, the clamp will automatically lock to ensure the processing dimension accuracy and the stability of the equipment operation;

8. Double servo motor drive is adopted for glass conveying, with higher synchronism;

9. High processing speed, maximum design speed 15m / min;

10. The equipment displays the daily output (single meter) of processed glass to accumulate, so that the user can see the processing output more directly.

11. Frequency conversion and energy saving: if the idle operation of the equipment exceeds the set time, the grinding wheel will automatically slow down, the equipment will start the sleep function, and the equipment will automatically speed up after the system detects the glass.

12. Sheet metal and water tank in contact with water shall be made of stainless steel;

Glass Automatic Checking Table
Thickness of glass 3-12mm
Minimum size of glass 350X350mm
Minimum size of glass 3000*2500mm
Transmission speed 2m—40m/min
Air required 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa
Total Power 3.8KW
Weight 2600Kg
Work Height 900±20mm

Glass Supper Speed Double Edging Machine
Thickness of glass 3-12mm
Processing size 3000mm*2500mm
Transmission speed 1m-15m/min
Glass Parallel Tolerance ≤0.2mm/m
Glass Diagonal Tolerance ≤1mm/m
Chamfer Tolerance ≤0.2mm/m
Chamfer width 0.5-2mm
Max Grinding on flat edge 2mm(单边)
Air required 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa
Total Power 36.3KW
Weight 4200Kg
Work Height 900±30mm

Glass L Type Transfering Table
Thickness of glass 3-12mm
Minimum size of glass 350*500mm
Minimum size of glass 3000*2500mm
Transmission speed 2m—30m/min
Air required 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa
Total Power 4.5KW
Weight 2100Kg
Work Height 900 ±20mm

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